This lovely girl is Sadie. She is owned by our customer, Karen Schutt, and they live in Blair, NE. Sadie is a five-year old rescued Bichon Frise. Per Karen, Sadie's favorite pastimes are chewing up cardboard boxes and scattering trash everywhere. We hear that if there’s mischief involved, she’s at the head of the line, but Karen lovingly acknowledges "she is my companion and best friend". Thank you Karen for rescuing Sadie and sharing her adorable face with us!
Sadie would like to remind you that you can order any Bichon Frise dog gifts or Bichon Frise accessories and EVERYTHING ships for $4.95 in the U.S. In fact, all dog gifts and all dog accessories (any size order) will ship in the U.S. for $4.95.

Bichon Frise Ink Pen

Price: $5.95

Bichon Frise Wallet

Price: $16.95

Bichon Luggage Tag

Price: $7.95

Duck Rope Head-4"

Price: $7.95

xLamb Chop 10"

Price: $10.95


Price: $6.95